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Our Story

Hi! I'm Steve, and this is my life and business partner Melody. What happens when you take a jewelry industry veteran and couple him with a lifelong mixed-media artist, fold in their collective backgrounds as educators, and pepper it with the creative musings of over thirty different artisan designers from around the globe? The confluent yield that is Alesia Design, a family owned boutique in Downtown Kirkland, Washington. Alesia is about the visual and textural alchemy offered in hand-crafted artisanal jewelry, accesories and home decor from mostly independent artists that share the core intrinsics which set Alesia apart from most jewelry boutiques: Advocacy for those with disabilties, Animal Welfare, Inclusion, and Sustainability. Additionally, at Alesia we focus upon the oft-overlooked aspect of jewelry as a very personal form of your unique personality, and the style it foments. We invite you in to experience our warm and friendly, no-pressure approach to personal adornment. your SELF!

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Our Core Values

"Was so pleasantly surprised when I walked into Alesia Boutique, a new addition to my vibrant Kirkland neighborhood. It is a wonderful place to shop for jewelry, both real and costume, handbags, and wonderful decorative pieces for the house."

- Vera, customer