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From Behind the Scenes: Alesia's Sustainable Practices

The San Andreas Ring @ Alesia Boutique


Did you know the ‘S’ in ALESIA stands for Sustainability?

Well…it does!  One of the main reasons we founded Alesia Boutique is to provide consumers with an ethical place to shop for jewelry, handbags and home decor.  In addition to offering sustainable, cruelty-free products….we also support charitable causes whose ethos aligns with ours!

Specifically, how does Alesia support sustainable practices?

We make a point of curating artists whose core intrinsics are similar to those of Alesia. The majority of our jewelry artists strictly practice the use of recycled metals as well as either lab-created or ethically-mined stones.  Similarly, most of our handbags are created using sustainable materials such as cork or pineapple skin.  While we do offer designer beaded handbags, we ensure any ‘leather’ on the bag is made from vegan, cruelty-free materials.  We also try to use sustainable packaging to ship our products whenever possible.  

What is sustainable jewelry?

Sustainable jewelry follows similar principles to those of sustainable fashion. It’s crafted with a focus on minimizing environmental impact and promoting ethical practices. This might involve using recycled or responsibly sourced materials, supporting fair labor practices and reducing waste during production. The goal is to create beautiful jewelry while considering the well-being of people, animals and the environment.

What are sustainable handbags?

Sustainable handbags are bags that are designed and produced with a focus on minimizing environmental impact and promoting ethical practices. They often use eco-friendly materials (such as organic or recycled fabrics) and prioritize responsible manufacturing processes to reduce waste and energy consumption. Sustainable handbags may also support fair labor practices and emphasize durability to extend their lifespan, encouraging responsible consumption.  

Does practicing sustainability support animal welfare?

Yes!!  Sustainability and animal welfare are interconnected concepts that consider the well-being of animals within broader environmental and social contexts. Sustainable practices strive to minimize harm to animals by using ethical sourcing and production methods. This might involve avoiding animal exploitation, using cruelty-free materials and promoting responsible animal husbandry. Balancing both sustainability and animal welfare is essential for creating a more ethical and harmonious relationship between humans, animals and the planet.  At Alesia Boutique, none of our products contain materials made from animals.  We are proud of the fact that we are a vegan, cruelty-free store!  We would say we’re animal free…but nothing could be further from the truth.  In addition to our shop dog Lexi and her little sister Lucy, we encourage clients to bring their dogs into the store for treats, belly rubs and playtime with Lexi and Lucy.  

Steve with our shop dog, Lexi

Steve with our shop dog, Lexi

Melody and our small dog Lucy

Melody and Lucy celebrating Pride month 2023

In what other ways does Alesia practice sustainability?

We actually started practicing sustainability before Alesia Boutique’s doors even opened.  Rather than purchasing new display shelves and cabinets, we searched for and found furniture for our build-out the from other stores that no longer had a need for them.  By purchasing used display shelves and cases, we not only saved money but also helped conserve resources and decrease the environmental impact associated with the manufacturing of new furniture.

Recycled Store Displays

Repurposed display cases and shelving units.

Also…all of our packaging is sustainable. Our gorgeous kiwi green shopping bags are actually made from grass pulp, which is a biodegradable material. How cool is that?!  We also use recyclable boxes to ship online orders out to customers.  

Furthermore, we tapped into Steve’s creative eye when it comes to finding hidden gems at thrift stores! Steve loves to shop at Goodwill and other local thrift stores for items he feels would enhance Alesia’s displays. Repurposing thrift store items is a great way to practice sustainability for a variety of reasons…including lowering the carbon footprint by reducing the need for manufacturing new products—which in turn lowers the need for raw materials, energy and resources required for production. Thrift shopping also keeps items out of landfills. 

 Alesia Boutique - Sustainable Biodegradable bags and repurposed display items

Our biodegradable shopping bags made from grass pulp along with a thrift store display item find.


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