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Unveiling the Artistry of Kent Raible - A Spotlight on Equisite Craftsmanship

Artistry Ignited: Kent’s Love for Metal Work Began in High School

Kent Raible has continuously worked with and studied the history of precious metals.  He has become one of America’s preeminent studio goldsmiths.  He first started working with metal in a high school jewelry class in 1973. 

Kent Raible in high school 

Kent studying metal work in high school 


Forging Creativity: The Formative Years of Kent Raible’s Jewelry Craftsmanship

Primarily self-taught, Kent Raible actively sought skilled mentors to delve into diverse facets of jewelry making. In the 1980s, he embarked on a two-year study in Germany. Eschewing apprenticeships, he cultivated his distinctive style in a personal studio, employing eighteen karat gold, vibrant gemstones, and the ancient granulation technique. His craftsmanship, adorned with numerous national and international awards, gained prominence in pivotal exhibitions. Notably, his renowned creation, "Floating City," is a permanent fixture at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian's American Art Museum. Additionally, "Pregnant Chalice" was featured in "The Art of Gold," a comprehensive showcase of contemporary American studio goldsmiths that toured the nation in 2005.

Kent Raible Floating City 

“Floating City” by Kent Raible


Pregnant Chalice by Kent Raible

 “Pregnant Chalice” by Kent Raible

Loving the Craft: A Life Devoted to Jewelry Making

My life’s path is that of the goldsmith, a path of over 30 years now. To say I love my job would be an understatement. When my creative juices are really flowing, work is closer to a meditation than anything else. The making is an end in itself. Like a musician lost in the playing of the music, I can sit still for hours, blissfully focused, arranging tiny granules of gold into beautiful patterns. I try to find harmony in even the minutest step of the process, whether it’s the positioning of a single granule, or shaving off a tenth of a millimeter of gold to get a perfect line. This is the foundation and integrity of my art.

Expertly applying 18k gold granulation to a ring


Harmony in Craft and Partnership: The Integral Role of Lynn Raible 

One of the most difficult aspects of devoting a lifetime to this art/craft has been making a living without compromising the integrity of work that, by its nature, is very time-consuming. This has required enormous dedication and patience, and a willingness to grow and change on my part. The biggest break in my career came the day I met Lynn, now my wife and partner who, with her great personality, business experience and natural feel for marketing, has been a perfect compliment to my artistic sensibilities. Together we are creating a successful business of integrity and beauty that supports our family.

 Kent and Lynn Raible


What We Especially Love About Kent’s Designs

Steve:  “After many decades of curating artisan fine jewelry, I’ve come to appreciate the attention to detail of that rarest of artisans…and Kent falls squarely within such an esteemed class. He has mastered the visual alchemy offered by the confluence of extraordinarily beautiful gemstones nestled amongst the hand crafted old world fine gold metalsmithing techniques of centuries passed…a true master. His creations are both a visual and tactile tour de force…lovely to look at and a pleasure to wear.”

Melody:  “I appreciate the timeless allure of Kent’s designs.  His use of gold granulation leaves each one of his pieces exuding an old world feel.”


Steve’s Favorite Kent Raible Design:

“My favorite Kent Raible creation is the Demantoid Green Garnet ring. The lively garnet is a visual flavor to behold. Bezel set, it’s surrounded by highly detailed Etruscan styled carving and granulation descending down the shoulders of the piece. It is such a high quality statement of Kent’s attention to artistic visual detail…in a simply elegant gemstone solitaire ring.” 

Demantoid Green Garnet & 18k Gold Ring

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Melody’s Favorite Kent Raible Designs:

“While all of Kent’s designs leave me awestruck with their old world beauty, my favorite pieces of his are his bracelets crafted from woven 18k yellow gold and diamonds or gemstones.  I personally own one of Kent’s bracelets and look forward to purchasing another one soon!  As Kent’s jewelry is all meticulously crafted by hand, there is a bit of a wait for his designs. My wrist and I are more than happy to wait!”

Kent Raible 18k Woven Gold & Diamond Bracelet
18K Woven Gold & Diamond Bracelet
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18K Woven Gold & Pink Sapphire Bracelet      

Available at Alesia Boutique:


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