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Shopping for a Cause: How Your Purchases Can Change the World

Snow leopard cuff bracelet

By consciously opting for products from companies that allocate a portion of their profits to social initiatives, individuals become contributors to critical causes such as education, mental health awareness, animal welfare, LGBTQIA+ advocacy and environmental conservation. Every purchase from a retailer giving back to one or more charitable organizations becomes an opportunity for an individual consumer to participate in transforming society for the better.  We at Alesia Boutique are delighted and grateful for the opportunity to channel the everyday act of buying into a force for good.

From day one, Alesia Boutique has intertwined its brand with charitable giving.  We currently support causes who are committed to animal welfare and the queer community.  We not only donate a portion of our proceeds to various charities supporting these causes; we also contribute our personal time and efforts at several of these non-profit organizations as well!  Melody and her son Noah volunteer as kennel assistants at our local cat shelter.  We also assist with local LGBTQIA+ advocacy.  Furthermore, we donate items to charitable auctions and other events that we personally attend.

Animal Auction

Noah, Melody and Steve at the Homeward Pet Auction, 2022

Woman with snow leopard

Melody at this year’s annual Snow Leopard Gala

Jewelry that gives back!

We’re also thrilled to offer jewelry we designed specifically for one of our favorite charities, the Snow Leopard Trust—-which also happens to be a local organization as it’s headquartered in Seattle.  The images on our Summer Snow Leopard cuff bracelets and pendant necklace were designed by Melody.  The images were then turned into gorgeous pieces of jewelry using a cold enamel technique together with 23k gold leaf.  We donated a Snow Leopard cuff to last year’s Snow Leopard Trust auction and plan on donating a necklace to this year’s digital auction which takes place in October.


Snow leopard jewelry necklace and cuff bracelets

Alesia Boutique’s Summer Snow Leopard double-sided pendant necklace and cuff bracelets.  

To purchase any of our exclusive Summer Snow Leopard jewelry designs, click the links below:


    Non-Profit Charities Supported by Alesia Boutique

    • Meow Cat Rescue
    • Snow Leopard Trust
    • Homeward Pet
    • Pasado’s Safe Haven
    • Eastside Pride
    • Trans Families

    Please browse Alesia Boutique’s offerings and join us in creating a positive change for the world!

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