Summer Snow Leopard Corset 1” Cuff Bracelet with Sterling Silver Leaf

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  • Sterling Silver Leaf
  • 1” wide

The Summer Snow Leopard Corset Cuff Bracelet is an Alesia Boutique exclusive design. When you purchase any of our Summer Snow Leopard jewelry items, Alesia Boutique shall donate 10% of the purchase price of this item to the Snow Leopard Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving the endangered snow leopard and its mountain ecosystems. The organization focuses on community-based conservation, scientific research, and education to ensure the survival of the snow leopard and its habitat. They work closely with local communities to reduce human-wildlife conflicts, conduct research to better understand snow leopard behavior and ecology, and promote sustainable livelihoods for people living in snow leopard habitats. The Snow Leopard Trust plays a significant role in the global effort to protect this iconic species. This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.  Returns accepted within 14 days of purchase.  Item must be in original unused/unworn condition.

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